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February 19, 2015    These stories would be funny if they weren't terrifying...

February 18, 2015    Violence and Chaos

February 13, 2015    Risks to Your Health- and Who's Causing Them

February 12, 2015    They're making things up!

February 10, 2015    Is THIS what liberals do with their spare time?

February 09, 2015    How to Stay Out of Trouble With the Fed

February 06, 2015    The Benefits of Being a Democrat

February 06, 2015    What Makes a Terrorist Tick?

February 02, 2015    American Muslims, are you offended when someone draws a picture of Mohammed?

January 29, 2015    Heads up: some new laws are coming...

January 28, 2015    You need to know just how deeply we've been infiltrated.

January 27, 2015    Obama and Hillary need to stop ignoring these things...

January 26, 2015    If you're reading this, you're probably a liberal.

January 23, 2015    The Crazy Clintons and How to Stop Them

January 22, 2015    Never turn your back on your enemies.

January 21, 2015    We're still being spied on, and other things they don't want us to know...

January 20, 2015    People Get Mad About Some Crazy Things

January 09, 2015    Why Some People Don't Carry- Part II

January 06, 2015    My School Tried to Arrest Me for Quoting Song Lyrics

January 05, 2015    What Liberals Want You to Think About Racism v. the Truth

December 16, 2014    There's always more to the story...

December 05, 2014    Stories and facts flying under the radar

November 21, 2014    Obama to 'commit felony worth 5-years jail time'

November 19, 2014    A few good ideas...

November 19, 2014    Their Honest Opinions

November 14, 2014    Disturbing Toys, Songs, Dictionaries, Statistics, and Terrorism

November 14, 2014    Five battles to keep an eye on

November 14, 2014    Five battles to keep an eye on

November 12, 2014    The Second Day of Kratom Hearings

November 11, 2014    Warning: This Drug is Legal Right Now

November 06, 2014    The greatest things about the midterm Republican win

November 05, 2014    How the Republicans took the senate...

October 31, 2014    The scariest stories this Halloween

October 29, 2014    Five politicians who are doing it wrong

October 27, 2014    Open letters, leaked memos, and anonymous comments

October 24, 2014    The People Fight Back

October 21, 2014    We are now officially living in a dystopian future.

October 15, 2014    War, Pestilence, and Famine. Who are we missing?

October 07, 2014    Signs that ISIS is gearing up for a wide-scale attack

October 02, 2014    As the feds ignore everything, states begin to act...

October 01, 2014    Ebola threat grows to scary proportions

September 26, 2014    New Orleans Judgemental Map, Mom's mistake shooting robber, Holder steps down but its not over, more

September 23, 2014    Why bomb ISIS?

September 15, 2014    Hillary, Bad year for Democrats, Immigration and Healthcare Worries

September 11, 2014    Thirteen years later, and we haven't forgotten what we lost

September 08, 2014    Good news (for once!), no thanks to the Democrats...

August 29, 2014    America's Schools Facing Serious Threats

August 28, 2014    Common core lunacy, Cop lynched at Michael Brown funeral, Obamacare fraud, other top stories

August 25, 2014    The destructiveness of Barack Obama

August 18, 2014    Newsflash: The world is run by criminals, scammers, and idiots.

August 18, 2014    Non-Politicians Speak: Gene Simmons, Ferguson Police, and Illegals

August 14, 2014    America Under Military Occupation, ISIS Threatens Christians Worldwide

August 7, 2014    Four ways the country is going downhill, and one problem Stockman is setting right

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