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Violence and Chaos
February 18, 2015

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Tea Party
Detroit Man Stabs 2 'for Not Being Muslim'
February 17, 2015 6:46 pm | Share on Facebook
Imagine that you're just standing there waiting for a bus, trying to get home at the end of the day, when suddenly a creepy-looking dude walks up and asks if you're a Muslim.

You answer no, hoping that you're not about to get the sales pitch. Instead, the creepy dude whips out a knife and starts stabbing you repeatedly. Next thing you know, you're waking up in a hospital wondering what the heck just happened.

Police arrested Terrance Thomas a few minutes and a couple blocks away from the crime scene. Thomas seems to have acted alone and the 'assault with intent to murder' charges may be upgraded if the federal investigation determines that this was a hate crime.

Right Side News
Christian Slaughter in Libya
17 February 2015 by Raymond Ibrahim | Share on Facebook
The world has been wondering about the fate of the 21 Coptic Christians who were abducted out of Libya by ISIS. Now, it is clear from a video released by ISIS that they have been slaughtered in the name of Allah. ISIS executioners held down the victims and brutalized them, stabbing into their eyes, before slicing into their necks and watching them bleed to death.

The Christians called out to Christ as they were being tortured. ISIS is calling for Muslims to find and kill more Coptic Christians.

Conservative 50 Plus
Rev. Franklin Graham Calls Out Obama For Not Wanting To Admit Christians Are Being Slaughtered By ISIS
February 17, 2015 | Share on Facebook
Obama has proven once again that he is fundamentally incapable of living in reality. In his world, all Muslims are innocent, peace-loving people, and all Christians are intolerant monsters. He has ignored the 21 Coptic Christians ISIS just slaughtered. He has ignored the several instances of Muslim extremists attacking people on our own soil.

The president is either delusional or he's lying to us.

The Hayride
LOL! Apparently Some Tourists Come To Mardi Gras To Burglarize
February 16 2015 by John Binder | Share on Facebook
During Mardi Gras you expect a few 'crimes' to go down. Bar brawls, public intoxication, possibly some streaking. This sort of thing is par for the course with Mardi Gras. Burglarizing people's vehicles? That's not so much something you would expect.

Someone did it anyways, and yes, he got caught.
Revealed: Obama temper rages at 'motherbleeper' confidante
23 hours ago by John Kovacs | Share on Facebook
The media tends to portray Obama as calm, cool, and collected. He's been described as 'cold' and 'aloof.'

In private, he's actually hot-headed and temperamental, according to political strategist David Axelrod. In his new book, Axelrod recounts a series of times when Obama lost his temper. During one such time, Obama called someone a 'motherf****r' before storming out of the room.

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