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Risks to Your Health- and Who's Causing Them
February 13, 2015

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16 hours ago by AARON KLEIN | Share on Facebook
Lawful immigrants go through health screenings before entrance, so we know it didn't come from one of them. Measles was declared eradicated in the U.S. in 2000, so we know it came from outside the country. The first outbreak began in California, which is notorious for its illegal immigrant population.

The CDC does not want to acknowledge it, but it's becoming more and more obvious that this is the case.

Illegal aliens who are caught at the border and taken to detention centers are vaccinated. The vast majority of those brought into detention centers are missing most if not all of the common vaccines that are given to American children by default.

We are far from catching every illegal immigrant, allowing many to enter the country while carrying diseases. If we sealed the border, it would be a matter of identifying and quarantining all current cases. As of now, new cases are just going to keep entering.

The Hayride
Together Baton Rouge Is Now Calling For Protests Of The BR General Emergency Room Closing
February 10 2015 by Stacy Hudson | Share on Facebook
The ER most accessible to the people of northern Baton Rouge is closing down due to lack of funding. The hospital has lost so much revenue due to new healthcare legislation that it simply cannot afford to keep its doors open.

The problem is those who are uninsured or otherwise don't pay for their healthcare. According to the hospital, a great deal of their resources go towards treating people who come in for 'trivial' things that should have been dealt with at a walk-in clinic if not at home.

The vast majority of people who come in with trivial complaints are those who will not be paying a dime towards their care- those who do pay for their own care don't go to the emergency room unless it's actually an emergency.

Health Daily Digest
7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gives 'a Damn' About the Measles Vaccine
February 13, 2015 | Share on Facebook
First-grader Rhett Krawitt has recently returned to school after completing chemotherapy. During his cancer treatments, he was not healthy enough to be vaccinated- yet, he had no reason to be concerned about catching measles up until new.

Children who can not be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons rely on 'herd immunity' to keep them from catching diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. However, herd immunity is only effective if everyone who can be vaccinated is. If everyone at Rhett's school except Rhett is vaccinated against measles, Rhett is safe from the illness because there's no one who can transmit it to him.

Right Side News
Obama Administration Should Disclose Legal Risks of Losing Coverage to Obamacare Applicants
13 February 2015 by John R. Graham | Share on Facebook
If your company dumped you into the exchange, pay attention: you're probably going to suddenly lose your subsidized coverage in July.

36 states did not establish their own exchanges, and it's not yet legally clear whether the Obama administration can pay subsidies to those states. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in May and will have to make a determination.

Right now, it looks like the answer will be 'no', and everyone signed up in those 36 states will lose their subsidies. In many cases, this will suddenly double or triple the price of coverage. Someone who signed up for a plan that would cost $50 a month may suddenly themselves paying $100 or $150 each month, which may well be more than they can afford.

Tea Party
Woman's Home Seized in Barking Dog Lawsuit
February 12, 2015 8:51 am | Share on Facebook
Apparently a barking dog can cause half a million dollars worth of 'profound emotional distress.'

So says a lawsuit filed in Seattle. Cawper, a yellow lab owned by Denise Norton, tends to bark at squirrels and whine to be let outside, like virtually every other dog on the planet. Her neighbor, however found this intolerable.

Now, any reasonable neighbor would have simply knocked on Norton's door and asked her to quiet her dog down if it became that much of a hassle. Who hasn't been on one side of that situation or the other? I personally find the high pitched bark of my neighbors' chihuahuas annoying, but it would never occur to me to file a lawsuit. So far they've shown me the same courtesy when it's my dog barking at a squirrel.

Norton received a letter regarding the lawsuit, but assumed that it had been dismissed when she didn't hear anything further. Instead, she came home one day to find that the police had left a letter on her door informing her that her house had been taken from her and was being put up for sale.

This wins ridiculous lawsuit of the year.

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