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What Makes a Terrorist Tick?
February 06, 2015

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Profile of a terrorist: What makes people blow themselves up
14 hours ago by Gina Loudon | Share on Facebook
Humans have a very strong survival instinct. Over and over, we see people perform superhuman feats to save their own lives under extreme circumstances.

So what makes someone decide to blow himself up for a cause? These suicide bombers are not depressed. They are not your standard suicides. They are not mentally ill to the point of being out of touch with reality. They are, for the most part, sane, rational human beings.

There are several theories. One is that people become terrorists because they are seeking an identity. They feel alienated, angry, and powerless. They have a strong need to be part of a group who will love them, at any cost. They feel victimized by society and are seeking revenge.

Often, they have a strong 'us vs. them' mentality and feel they they and their in-group have a higher moral standing than outsiders and feel a strong desire to take action to correct some perceived injustice.

Terrorist groups rely on their ability to constantly recruit new members. Otherwise, they would have run out of terrorists.

Right Side News
A War Between Two Worlds
14 January 2015 by George Friedman | Share on Facebook
The war between Islam and Christianity is not a recent development. It's been going on for centuries. Muslims invaded Europe twice before the Crusades, at which point Christians regrouped and invaded Muslims occupying Iberia in an effort to reclaim their land.

For years and years, Christians and Muslims strove to drive each others' religion into extinction, to dominate those that did not share their beliefs. They fought for Iberia and North Africa. The two groups have been in combat an at odds with each other for over two hundred years.

When Europe lost its control over North Africa, they had no choice but to let African Muslims, who had been their subjects, migrate into Europe. This ended the era in which religion and the government were intertwined.

America has taken separation of church and state to a whole new level these days. Originally, it meant that the state is not to control which religion the people can practice. Now, it's being used to suppress any sign of religion in public.

The Hayride
SARGE: Craven Images?
January 15 2015 by Sarge | Share on Facebook
Is it hypocritical for Muslims to ban images of Mohammed?

Conservative Muslims are highly offended when Mohammed is depicted in art. It is a 'craven image,' and thus forbidden.

However, the Koran makes no mention of this law. This rule comes instead from the Hadith, a holy book containing the sayings and traditions of Mohammed. This book is considered a source of religious law and moral guidelines.

The depiction of Mohammed is forbidden because Islam teaches that there is one true god, and he is to be worshiped above all. There exists a fear that if images of Mohammed are created, they will be worshiped as idols. The problem is, Mohammed IS worshiped above all. He is considered to be right up there with Allah in the Muslim religion. No amount of Mohammed drawings will make that problem worse.

Tea Party
Anti-Islamist Activist Pamela Geller Plans Counter-Strike at 'Stand with the Prophet' Conference
January 15, 2015 9:10 pm | Share on Facebook
First of all, who the heck thought that Texas was the best place to hold an event called 'Stand With the Prophet' to protest Islamaphobia?

Geller, an expert on Islamic extremists, will not be silent while terrorism is extolled, nor will she be silenced by political correctness. There exists now a very reasonable fear that if we don't speak now, we will lose our right to say anything at all against terrorism.

The White House is already afraid to call these terrorist attacks what they are- Islam gone wrong. Someone has to speak up.

Conservative 50 Plus
Bill Whittle explains what really caused Paris attacks
JANUARY 15, 2015 | Share on Facebook
In short: Multiculturalism.

America has its own culture. We are, by nature, a nation of immigrants. However, the immigrants our grandparent or great (or great-great-great) grandparents were are not the immigrants of today. They learned English. They didn't rely on government handouts. They didn't expect the entire country to change because they got there. They expected to change to melt into American culture.

They kept their customs, of course. They brought traditions from their homeland, but they also adapted to their new home. They practiced their religion, whatever it was, but they understood that others did not and did not expect everyone else to join them.

Nowadays, people originating from other cultures expect the entire country to adapt to their customs. People who come from Muslim nations or were born to Islamic parents demand that their religion be honored. They cry racism if their university does not sound a call to prayer just for them. They expect public school educators to teach their religion.

The more Americans cave in, the more control Islam will have over the country and its government.

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