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We're still being spied on, and other things they don't want us to know...
January 21, 2015

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Tea Party
Edward Snowden Says iPhones Are Loaded With Secret Spyware
January 20, 2015 5:26 pm | Share on Facebook
Snowden was the first person to expose the NSA and alert the public that we were being spied on. Now, he has another warning for those of use who use iPhones or communicate with someone using an iPhone. They're loaded with spyware.

Even within Apple, the spy software implanted in iPhones is kept very secret. This software is hidden in each and every iPhone, and it is designed to record sensitive information about the person using the phone. It then transmits this data.

This software activates itself without user consent and runs quietly in the background. There is no way to disable it.

As of now, it is unclear whether Apple collects the data for their own purposes, or if the NSA is receiving this data. Either way, I'd suggest using an Android.
Government monitoring every aspect of your life?
14 hours ago | Share on Facebook
Are you being spied on by the police, in your own home?

If you think the answer is no, guess again. The fact of the matter is that there's no way to know.

Police have a new type of radar that allows them to see into your home from a distance. They can see the outline of your body and watch you as you move around your home.

Constitutional or not, many police officers are using this device without getting a warrant. Some of these radars are attached to drones, which fly over a home and take images of what's inside.

You would never know.

The Hayride
I Won't Dissect This SOTU...
January 20 2015 by MacAoidh | Share on Facebook
Obama just doesn't wanna talk about it. He won't discuss the threat of terrorism, the threat to freedom of speech, the economy, or anything else that matters. If he has some kind of a plan for dealing with terrorism, he's keeping it a secret.

It also makes you wonder what's really going on. What's going on inside Obama's head, and what's going on behind closed doors? He can't be so stupid as to not realize what danger we're in. He's purposely ignoring it.

In the most important speech of the year, he refused to address any of it honestly. Everyone's getting sick of his la-di-da view of the world.

Conservative 50 Plus
Stewart Mocks Kerry’s Visit to France in Scathing Segment: Are You Trying to Get Us in a War?
JANUARY 20, 2015 | Share on Facebook
What the heck was Kerry really doing over there, aside from making everything worse and embarrassing the country. If Obama was trying to win back favor from the French after not showing up at 'Freedom of Speech' march last week, it didn't work.

It looks like all Kerry did there on his 'offensive solidarity mission' was fail at creating camaraderie between our nations. Perhaps Kerry was not the right person to have sent on a mission that requires schmoozing. Even liberal Jon Stewart mocks our Secretary of State in one of his latest episodes.

The best part is the video of the most awkward man-hug ever as Kerry bear hugs the crap out of the French president whether he wants it or not- and then proceeds to continue holding his hand.

Right Side News
European 'No-Go' Zones: Fact or Fiction? Part 1: France
20 January 2015 by Soeren Kern | Share on Facebook
Liberal news outlets in conjunction with our federal government have been trying to hide this. Don't be fooled by CNN and Obama. These Muslim-controlled 'No-Go Zones' are real.

They exist in the suburbs of France, and they're out of control, dangerous places. Police officers don't dare respond to calls from these areas for fear of being ambushed and killed. French citizens refuse to enter these areas, which are extremely unsafe for non-Muslims.

In these places, Sharia law exists, while French law is forgotten.

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