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December 16, 2014

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Right Side News
Dumbing Down America: How Would You Do It?
13 December 2014 by Bruce Deitrick Price | Share on Facebook
If you wanted to make an entire nation stupid, how would you do it?

Those in power have constructed our nation's education system as an answer to that question. It's simpler than you might think.

You stop teachers from teaching. You limit what students learn. You take away academic content, remove facts from the equation, create chaotic classrooms, and back it all up with a 'theory.' In this case, it's 'constructivism,' the idea that kids will teach themselves.

In Common Core, there are no wrong answers. Being close friends with a high school teacher, I've heard some horror stories. In one school, he was only permitted to lecture for ten minutes, and the rest of the class was to be filled with group work and discussion not led by him. At another, he was not permitted to issue a grade lower than a 50% on a final exam- even for students who did not show up for the exam.

It's no wonder he once discovered that a sixteen year old student in his high school economics class was totally illiterate.

The Hayride
Why The Federal Government’s Mandatory Menu Calorie Labeling Does Not Work
December 15 2014 by John Binder | Share on Facebook
Has anyone ever stopped at a McDonald's craving some fries, then seen the calorie count on the menu and gone 'Oh no, I can't eat those, never mind', then walked back out?

Doubtful. People who are counting their calories are probably not at a fast food place to begin with. If they are, it takes all of two seconds to ask an employee how many calories in a chicken ranch sandwich.

The rest of us are perfectly well aware that a double bacon cheeseburger is not the same as a salad, and just don't care.

The government mandated posting of calorie counts is outright harmful, however, to people recovering from eating disorders. Such people have spent months struggling to learn that there's more to healthy eating than calorie counts and coming to understand that it's okay to have chicken nuggets from time to time.

Thanks, government. You ruined lunch.

Conservative 50 Plus
Santorum: ‘Separation of Church and State Not in U.S. Constitution’ But Is In Communist USSR Constitution
DECEMBER 15, 2014 | Share on Facebook
Here's an interesting factoid you won't be taught in schools. (Naturally, after all the Common Core requirements are fulfilled there's no time for such things.

'Separation of church and state' does not come from the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere in our constitution does it say that the government and the church must completely distance themselves from one another.

'Separation of church and state' is, however, key in the constitution of the former communist power the USSR.

What is in the U.S. Constitution is the guarantee of religious freedom, as defined in the First Amendment. This only means that each American must be free to practice the religion of their choosing so long as their religious practices are not harming others.

Tea Party
STUDY: Your All-Electric Car May Not be so Green
December 15, 2014 6:23 pm | Share on Facebook
My former university is arguably one of the most liberal in the country, judging by the amount of times it's been lambasted on Fox News in recent years. Around the time I began attending, the university purchased a hybrid car for my campus because it was 'environmentally friendly.'

It was covered with my school and campus logo. It's back and front bumper were also covered in small dents because the professor who often drove us on tournaments stunk at parallel parking, but that's another story.

Turns out that by driving around in an electric-powered car, our university was actually destroying the environment to a much greater degree than the universities who just rented a van.

But really, who needs to look at the studies and compare modes of travel when there's a perfectly good bandwagon to hop on?
13 hours ago by F. Michael Maloof | Share on Facebook
ISIS is the least of Israels worries, say sources in Lebanon. The nation, it seems, is caught in the crossfire between two warring Islamic factions.

Hezbollah, backed by Shiite Iran, and ISIS, the Sunni Jihadist army, can't seem to get along. Both organizations are nothing to play around with. They are equally ruthless and equally well backed.

Israel seems to be caught between these forces, doubling the threats against it.

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