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Five battles to keep an eye on
November 14, 2014

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American Liberty PAC
Harry Reid pledges to work with Republican majority
November 12, 2014 By Katie | Share on Facebook
Reid v. The Republican Majority

This guy is delusional, and he seems to still be in denial over the fact that Democrats will soon cease to be the majority. He also clearly has little understanding of the conservative school of thought.

Reid insists that the Republicans have 'strong inentive' to work with the Democrats to raise minimum wage. Unless he's planning to pay them off, blackmail them, or hold their loved ones hostage during the vote, I'm not seeing any 'incentive'. We the people elected Republicans specifically so they wouldn't do silly things like that.

Reid's interpretation of the election results is also...wrong. The explanation he chooses to believe is that clearly, Republicans were elected because we want them to work together with the Democrats!

Really, it's because we're all sick and tired of Democrats breaking everything they touch.

Tea Party
Feds Contact School As Student-Led Boycott of Michelle O Lunches Begins Today
November 13, 2014 7:21 am | Share on Facebook
Public School Students v. Michelle Obama

FEAR the lunch nazi! It looks like students aren't too happy about all the ludicrous rules Michelle has created regarding what they can and can't eat. Parents also aren't taking kindly to being told what to feed their child. Schools are tired of throwing out hundreds of fruits and vegetables, because students are required to take one whether they're going to eat it or not. School districts are suffering from lost revenue as hundreds of thousands of students stop buying lunch.

The students finally decided to take action by boycotting First Lady approved school lunches. A student described these fat-free, sugar-free, low-calorie, low-sodium, portion-controlled lunches as 'barely edible'. Not to mention that the underweight 85lb fourteen year old bookworm is forced to eat the exact same meal as the 230lb football player.
Congress confronts Obama's 'no boots' tact against ISIS
3 hours ago by Jerome R. Corsi | Share on Facebook
Obama v. Congress

Let's see, a single individual who 65% of the nation doesn't approve of v. several hundred representatives of the people. Who wins?

Unfortunately, Obama does right now. However, it's a good sign that even with the current Democratic majority Obama is being challenged. The House Armed Services Committee held a hearing during which they disputed the wisdom of Obama's ISIS policy. Even current House Democrats can see the problem with his strategy of trying to fight off ISIS without using actual soldiers.

While his reluctance to put our men in harms way is admirable, the president is risking more American lives than he's protecting by relying on other groups to fight our battles.

Conservative 50 Plus
Morning Joe crew REACTS to Obamacare Architect Gruber calling Americans stupid
November 12, 2014 | Share on Facebook
Obamacare Architect v. Morning Joe

Please tell me you've heard that tape- you know, the one where the guy who designed Obamacare kept talking about 'stupid American voters'? If you haven't already listened to it, go do that now. It's the most offensive thing I've heard in years, and it lends evidence to the truth that liberal leaders don't give a damn about us.

In this news clip, the cast of Morning Joe responds to the clip in a much more mature and level-headed fashion than I would have.

Right Side News
The 'New' Cold War and The Partition of Ukraine
13 November 2014 by Toby Westerman | Share on Facebook
Russia v. Everyone

Thanks to Obama's 'ignore everything' foreign policy, Putin's aggression has gone unchecked and Russia is back to its cold war era antics. The second-world nation has backslid from free(ish) markets and democracy to dictatorship and the beginnings of communism. Being Russia, the nation is determined to spread communism to nearby nations by force. Anti-American propaganda is making its way from the Kremlin around Russia.

Ukraine is likely just the start- Putin wants the world. Communist forces are once again a threat, and Russia is fighting to reclaim their place as a hegemon. Obama is prepared to let them, and Putin is ready to get the old USSR back together.

How can we keep Russian communists from conquering nearby states when our own president seems to agree with their philosophy?

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