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Disturbing Toys, Songs, Dictionaries, Statistics, and Terrorism
November 14, 2014

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Right Side News
Palestinian song encourages more terror‎
11 November 2014 by Marcus and Zilberdik | Share on Facebook
A new song that urges listeners to join terrorist efforts is everywhere on Palestinian social media and radio. There's even a music video, titled 'Run Over [the Settler] that has over 385,000 views on one Facebook page alone, and 71,000 on the singers' YouTube page.

Make no mistake, this song calls for violence. It appeared shortly after a series of bloody terrorist attacks. Not only does it call for more, it honors terrorists who have killed innocent people. Gruesome images from previous attacks are featured in the video.

'Run over [any Israeli you see]', the refrain urges. Read the rest of the lyrics after the jump, but be warned- they are extremely violent and disgusting. If you are easily disturbed, you may not want to read them.
Kids 'toy' shows girl slitting wrist
19 hours ago by Bob Unruh | Share on Facebook
A young mother was shocked when she removed the foil packaging from a 'princess wand' she bought for her toddler at the dollar store. Instead of 'wonderful music, magic, and fairies' as the pink and orange wand promised, there was a gruesome image of a demonic woman with red eyes and fangs slitting her wrists while giving an evil grin. The chilling cackling that accompanies the image would be disturbing even to an adult.

The toy's packaging stated the wand was for 'children ages 3 and up'. It was in the aisle with other childrens' toys, among princess dresses and fairy puzzles.

Yet, the dollar store owner is insisting that the mother should have known because the toy's description on the shelf was 'Evilstick.'

Even then, if I saw something called an 'Evilstick' in pink packaging and marketed for young children, I might expect a cartoonish picture of a ghost, or maybe a dark fairy. Not a suicidal demon.

The Hayride
THE REVOLTING TRUTH: The Leftese Dictionary
November 07 2014 by Oscar | Share on Facebook
Learn to speak like a Democrat! It's easy! The gist of it is to say exactly the opposite of what you mean and use tons of silly buzzwords that don't actually mean anything. Also, make sure not to actually answer any questions- just reassure the asker that 'it's being handled' and talk about something else.

This one-of-a-kind lesson also make perhaps the best use of the phrase 'blood-soaked hellhole' ever.

Conservative 50 Plus
Democrat Party Open Border Policy Soaks Taxpayers: 42 percent of new Medicaid signups are immigrants, their children
November 13, 2014 | Share on Facebook
Here's how it works: everyone pays taxes. If you're a taxpayer and you fall upon hard times, you can use certain assistance programs that you've been paying into until your financial situation improves. If you don't pay taxes or you're not supposed to be here, you don't get to use these programs.

It's like how when you live in a particular neighborhood and pay property taxes, you can send your kid to the school that is paid for by those property taxes.

What's happening now is that people who aren't paying taxes and aren't even supposed to be here at all are dipping into the fund. Illegal immigrants are breaking into the country and demanding money out of the fund that you and I have been paying into.

If you took high school economics, you can figure out what that's going to do to the system.

Tea Party
Muslim Brotherhood Overruns National Cathedral in DC
November 14, 2014 9:23 am | Share on Facebook
This goes back to an ancient grudge. The last caliph issued a fatwa beginning a holy war against 'infidels' that some are still carrying on today.

Muslim Brotherhood members are in DC, using the national cathedral to lead prayer. Although there's nothing wrong with interfaith cooperation, there is a slight complication here.

Jihadist doctrine states that once any place of worship has been used for Muslim prayer, it will forever be part of the Muslim Sacred Land. This means that to them, the National Cathedral belongs to Muslims.

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