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How the Republicans took the senate...
November 05, 2014

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Republicans take the senate thanks to grassroots efforts
11/05/2014 by Hannah | Share on Facebook
It takes a lot to get someone elected to the senate, but no one has to have a lot to help. Democrats make the mistake of relying on the largest news networks reporting with liberal bias to sway the voters their way. But 'largest' doesn't mean 'most powerful'. Voters have a choice in who to listen too, and a grassroots effort that reports honestly can have just as much sway.

Groups like WND,, ALPAC, the Qatar Awareness Campaign, and the other news outlets you see in this letter can have a tremendous impact on elections with the support of the voters. sent over fifty million faxes from the voters to congressman and senators. They collected as many signatures on their petitions, and made over a million phone calls to households across America urging voters to make the right choice. In the last year alone, sent over a billion emails to American voters.

The Hayride, based in Louisiana, was instrumental in exposing the truth about Mary Landrieu to Pelican State voters. She is now set to lose in a runoff election.

The other groups you see in these newsletters send more than forty million emails each year to get the right information out there.

For those of you who have supported any of these groups, thank you.

Enjoy the new Republican senate....

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