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October 31, 2014

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Conservative 50 Plus
Released Gitmo detainees returning to the battlefield?
October 30, 2014 | Share on Facebook
You have to feel sorry for SNL, The Onion, and other outlets that use parody and satire. Obama just keeps getting more and more difficult to satirize. I can imagine an SNL sketch in which some guy playing Obama orders a military leader to open the prison and let everyone go, despite everyone's protests. Sadly, this is reality.

But don't worry, I'm sure being in military detention for a few years has reformed all of these terrorists into good, honest men who love America! Or they could be pissed. Either way.

Tea Party
FEMA Conducts Pandemic Training in NY, NJ
October 31, 2014 9:49 am | Share on Facebook
As the government tells us not to worry about Ebola, they're telling FEMA something else behind our backs. The two year training FEMA is holding mimics a widespread pandemic of 'influenza' spreading rapidly throughout major metropolitan areas.

Remember the swine flu panic a few years ago? That was a pretty bad pandemic, but I don't remember FEMA getting involved, at least not to the degree they're being trained to right now. This training is their way of preparing for a mass domestic outbreak of Ebola, unless there's another new disease we don't even know about yet.

American Liberty PAC
Rash of hacking incidents has experts worried about Obamacare website
October 28, 2014 By Katie | Share on Facebook
Hey Obama, let's maybe learn how to keep our darn healthcare site secure BEFORE we start trying to vote online, alright?

This year, we have had 400% more attacks on than we've had in any previous year. The hackers have been traced to Russia, China, and even inside the U.S. Any fool can tell that it's not safe to put your information on this site. This has not stopped Obama from encouraging everyone to put all their personal information on this site for the nice Russian hackers.

Right Side News
Qatar Awareness Campaign: Letter to President Obama
Friday, 31 October 2014 07:05 | Share on Facebook
The latest in this series of open letters between the Qatar Awareness Campaign and errant politicians is addressed to Barack Obama. This almost seems like another SNL skit: Obama on stage, being interviewed. The interviewer asks, 'Mr. Obama, Qatar is a major sponsor of anti-American terrorism. How will you address Qatar?' and then Obama replies, 'Well, I fully support Qatar and consider them one of my closest allies!'

We can only wish that this was simply parody. It's not. This is our reality.
WHO urges sneeze protection while CDC retreats
1 hour ago | Share on Facebook
The CDC finally decided to be truthful. They put a warning on their website that Ebola is airborne and can be spread through sneezing, coughing, and touching a contaminated surface. Aaaaaaand...they took it down a few days later, likely due to political pressure from those still in denial that Ebola is a thing that we need to be worried about.

Meanwhile, the WHO is still chalking up the spread of the deadly virus to healthcare workers wearing their protective suits wrong.

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